Each One is Different

Biopsies come in many different forms.  Depending on your needs, you may have received special instructions at the office.  Some biopsies consist of removing an entire lesion and others involve an incision and removing only a part of a larger area. 

In either case, the specimen will be sent for histopathologic microscopic review by a Pathologist.  Most results are ready within a week, but some biopsy specimens have special needs requiring more time.  Most patients are scheduled for a follow-up visit, however, some exceptions are made, especially if you have a long drive. 

You should ALWAYS be informed of your diagnosis and you should call the office in the unlikely event that you were not.

If your biopsy involved a lesion in the jaw bones, then refer to the general instructions listed under “Wisdom Tooth Removal”.

Soft Tissue Lesions

Usually, sutures will have been placed to close the area, but some sites do not allow closure and must be left open.  You must be very careful not to bother the sutures with your tongue, teeth, or chewing.  This can be difficult, especially if the biopsy site was on the tongue. 

There will be swelling at the biopsy site making it very easy to bite the area – this not only hurts but can disrupt healing or dislodge sutures.  Do not worry if sutures come loose, the area will still heal.


There are many questions that could come up.  A thorough explanation of possible questions and complications for oral surgery can be found under “Wisdom Tooth Removal”, but if you do not find the answer you need, please call the office.

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