Patient Testimonial

I had a great experience with Dr. Coyle and all of the staff. I first had a tooth extracted, with no pain or side effects and later to be seen for two dental implants and a sinus lift. The initial sinus lift and implant surgery went really well with minimal pain and downtime. Dr. Coyle is exceptional in communicating what he will be doing and ensuring you understand and are comfortable with your dental plan. Two weeks after my implants, I came down with a infected implant and had it removed, it was nothing that Dr. Coyle did, it was my body rejecting the foreign object. The staff got me in as soon as I had first had symptoms and the implant was removed that same day, where they fit me into a very tight schedule and on a surgery day. Dr. Coyle and staff are all very friendly and sincere , I highly recommend their services!

- Jessica M

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