Patient Testimonial

I was referred to Dr. Coyle as the result of an evolving dental issue that, ultimately, required the capabilities of an oral surgeon. I have a bad history of dental experiences dating back to my childhood and, as a result, become very anxious and fearful of any dental procedure. Upon my first visit my condition was, quite frankly, very serious medically and emotionally. Dr. Coyle determined a course of action that would, ultimately, extend over 19 weeks and require several very delicate and tenuous procedures and numerous "check-ups" throughout the process. It was going to be an arduous process. I cannot begin to say enough about Dr. Coyle and his staff. Dr. Coyle was very thorough in his explanations, reassuring and compassionate in dealing with my emotions, very honest about potential outcomes including success and failure potentials and, most importantly, highly professional and competent in producing a very successful outcome. My husband even commented that he never thought he would see the day I was happy and relaxed sitting in a dental chair. I highly and without equivocation recommend Dr. Timothy Coyle and staff to anyone in need of oral surgical care! Sharon P.

- Sharon P

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