Patient Testimonial

I have been a patient of Dr Coyle since he came to Columbia and Dr Johnson before that. I have had extensive oral surgery: teeth removal, bone grafts, implants, fixed dentures, and all associated with those procedures. I have found the Doctors more than helpful. I was told many times before Dr Coyle came to town that there was not much I could do for my multiple problems. Thankfully, Dr. Coyle brought the experience and technology to Columbia for my benefit. One on the best things about my long going sometimes, painful process is that Dr Colyle works so well with my dentist. They meet over their lunch hour when they need to discuss a new procedure for me. I have total confidence in Dr Coyle and his office. I have maybe two more surgeries and will be finished. It has been worth the journey and I appreciate the encouragement and expertise of Dr Coyle and his staff.

- Marilyn L T

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